Healthy habits start in childhood. Fit kids hang out with .. fit kids!  Your mentor, Steve Friederang, is a coach at California Baptist University, and has degrees and credentials in biomechanics, English, and leadership training.

Real Physical Education for Smart Kids.

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No matter how high your grades or how much money you make, if you aren’t healthy, you aren’t wealthy! Build a lifelong habit of fitness starting today.


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Coach Steve Friederang is the CEO of TropicalPenguin, inc. a company that designs and sell fitness and therapy equipment around the world. He’s a former high school English teacher and has coached thousands of competitive athletes of all ages from beginner to world class. Steve has coached over 100 age group swimmers to the U.S. National top 10 rankings. He’s the technical swim coach at Cal Baptist University, and also teaches academic excellence at Talent Code Academy. Steve has run international leadership workshops and has been trained by the Covey, Robbins, and other leadership organizations. Most important, Steve makes lifetime fitness smart and fun!

1 workout a week $58 per month; 2 for $90.

Siblings $10 off. $40 membership free if you pay by quarter.

Fall Quarter Starts September 12:

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Over 400 (possible) exercises on the best accommodating resistance fitness equipment in America. We test, we set goals, we train. It’s smart and fun! Already in a sport? Perfect. We’ll help you run faster, jump higher, prevent or recover from injuries, compete smarter. Beginners to Olympians get better here.

Fun combination of circuit training, basketball, soccer, competitive swimming, running, skipping, trampoline, med balls, rowing, stretching, and more in a scientific blessed environment. Personalized instruction for athletes and everyone else. 

Smart kids do well here! We teach children how to learn, how to train progressively, how to provide an overload that will lead to success. You’ll learn about capillaries and mitochondria, from the inside out in an active passionate environment.

Decide: Be one of the “average” group of obese, tired, sick, lazy kids, or join vibrant, enthusiastic, healthy, fit kids. We teach goal setting, making the hard stuff fun, time management, relationship building, and so much more.

One to two hours per week will make you fitter, faster, better at all sports, a better student and more! Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-5 P.M. Private instruction available too. Just call. 371.8776 ask for Michelle or Steve

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